‘This ship is sinking’

To the Editor:
In response to Mr. Bragen:
The Energy Dept. just gave millions to a car company in Finland with taxpayers’ money. Michelle Obama is giving style tips to wear “the perfect shirt that will make you look and feel good.” Maybe that’s advice for the 24 million Americans who can’t find jobs or the 15 million families who owe more on their mortgages than the value of their homes. Goldman Sachs and Wall Street wrecked this economy!
Goldman Sachs received a bailout of billions of dollars, compliments of U.S. citizens. These bank felons are sitting in their mansions instead of in prison, counting their money, and you’re worried that protesters will destroy this bank? Never will happen. The millionaires in that toilet bowl called D.C. won’t let it happen. Heads – Goldman wins. Tails – you lose, America.
We are a country overwhelmed with corporate influence, with complete constitutional protection to do anything. The domination of corporations, in particular by finance, is now the biggest supporter of both parties. And Obama, that dismal failure, just continues Bush’s policies. So much for that change we were expecting.
The protesters want someone to be held accountable. You want them to hang a shingle just as Marcus Goldman did in 1869? Where do you want them to hang it, on a tree? They can start their own credit company? How? This economy is in a mess thanks to the banks you defend. Of course, they had their partners in D.C. that helped.
We are the third class passengers on the Titanic, and this ship is sinking. You can bet your butt that the lifeboats will be filled with the rich and ruthless. No wonder there are protests all over this country.
In closing, your article on the defense of Goldman Sachs and corporate banks, who I’m sure do not have mortgages or car payments to make, will sit at the bottom of my bird cage where it will do the most good.


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