The cost of a parking spot in Hoboken? $37,000

HOBOKEN AND BEYOND — The parking crunch in the mile-square city of Hoboken has long been a source of jokes and consternation. It was the subject of a quip on the Cosby Show spinoff “A Different World” years ago, and more recently, a satirical website ran a story saying that a couple has been driving around, looking for a place to park in Hoboken since last spring.
But don’t fear — there are spots to be had. You can even own one. According to this flyer posted at the Hoboken Shoprite over the weekend, a man is selling a parking spot (including storage space) in his condo building for $36,999. That is, plus $470 each year in taxes and a maintenance fee of about $37 a month.
(Just to be fair, spots in the town’s private and municipal garages are usually $300 or less per month).
Interested in owning your own permanent space? Head over to the west side of town and read the flyer. Leave comments below!

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