Western flair

Freshly made American comfort food at Sammy’s Roadhouse

The southwest end of Hoboken has a new outpost serving up Americana-style cooking and freshly-prepared comfort foods tucked away at the end of First Street at the Sky Club.
“A roadhouse is a place that is off the beaten path where people can stop in and get some food or drink and just have a good time,” said Dane Ferber, operations manager. Ferber began working for Sammy’s Roadhouse at the time of its opening in late August. “It is something a little different that people in Hoboken haven’t seen.”

Touches of Southwestern style

People who drive in off Observer Highway or hop off the light rail at Second Street are welcome to take a seat in the cowhide-covered booth or saddle up to the horseshoe-shaped bar. A room in the shape of a wine barrel is available for private parties.
Although the space is large and open, it offers a cozy setting for conversation with customized lighting. Skulls, cacti, saddles, and pictures of cowboys and other images of America’s West line the walls.

“Everything is made fresh.” – Dane Ferber
Brothers Guy and Michael Verdi relied on their experiences operating restaurants in Philadelphia and Marco Island, Fla., to design a menu that features fresh ingredients, large portions, and home-style cooking based on their family food traditions passed down over 80 years.
“Everything is made fresh,” said Ferber. “For the cheesesteaks we cut the prime rib ourselves.”
From the sauces to the bread for the grilled flatbread dishes, Ferber said, everything is made from scratch.

Just like Mom’s

The appetizers range from $7 for Sammy’s Chili Mac that includes chorizo chili, elbow macaroni, a three-cheese blend and tortilla chips, to $11 for Original Thinly Sliced Ribeye Cheesesteak with or without onions and a choice of American, provolone, or Cheez Whiz.
Mom’s Meatball Sliders for $7 are served with shaved reggio parmesan and gravy on a baby’s hard roll, offering a soft-textured and rich-tasting meatball contrasted by crunchy bread and sweet-tasting gravy.
“We bake the meatballs first and then simmer them in tomato sauce,” said Jamie Cahill, one of the head chefs in the kitchen. “It absorbs the flavor of the sauce and keeps their texture firmer on the outside but very, very soft on the inside.”
Sammy’s Buffalo Wings ($9) is another popular dish, especially with the weekend crowd. The dish comes coated in a Teriyaki or traditional flavoring . The wings are larger than most, with a lot of meat.
“We sell out of wings every weekend,” said Ferber. “You’ve gotta have a good wing in Hoboken.”

Grilled flatbread to share among friends

The grilled flatbread dishes ranging from $10 to $13 can be ordered as appetizers or as a main dish. The bread is baked fresh daily and is served on a long wooden tablet.
The Hoboken grilled flatbread ($10) is the most popular and includes tomato sauce, garlic, fresh basil, roasted garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and grated cheese. The flatbreads taste crispy and light and the large portion makes for a nice dish to share amongst friends as an appetizer.
The Simply Veg grilled flatbread ($11) offers a distinct combination of flavors with goat cheese, roasted artichoke, roasted crimini mushrooms, and an extra virgin olive oil drizzle.
Vegetarians will find more food options amongst the grilled flatbreads and salads that range from $9 for Mozzarella Salad to $11 for Eggplant Salad. Vegetarians can also request a special combination of items as a main course.
“That is the benefit of making everything from scratch, you can customize,” said Ferber.

Make room for hearty portions

Entrees range from Homemade Meatballs with Spaghettini, Rigatoni, or Penne for $15 to $29 for the popular 16 oz. NY Strip Steak with salt and pepper garlic crust, charred Pittsburgh-style with roasted tomatillo and poblano relish served with roadhouse potato and seasonal vegetable. One of the most popular entrees is the Double Cut Grilled Porkchop ($22) with a gorgonzola, green apple, red onion stuffing, and pork demi drizzle with seasonal vegetable.
Another favorite is the Roadhouse Homestyle Meatloaf ($17) with apple smoked bacon, tangy tomato sauce, served with garlic mashed potato and seasonal vegetables.
If there is room for dessert, the desserts menu offers most items for about $7, such as Apple Strudel with Cinnamon or Key Lime Tort, which is a bit of sweet, tangy deliciousness.

Moms, Monday night football, and music-filled weekends

Sammy’s Roadhouse caters to a variety of crowds with different types of menus. The restaurant has a kids menu, which has expanded.
“We’ve had to double the number of high chairs and booster seats,” said Ferber. He said during the week the restaurant sees a lot of parents and kids whereas during the weekend the crowd is a bit younger. The restaurant offers live music three nights on the weekends, featuring bands like “Your Ex-Boyfriends.”
Sports fans also come in to sit at the spacious bar and watch baseball or football on Sunday and Monday.
The restaurant has a full bar that serves wine, beer and cocktails, and lunch, brunch, kids, and desserts menus.
Sammy’s Roadhouse is located on 700 First St. in Hoboken and is open Monday through Sunday. For more information visit: www.sammysroadhouse.com or call (201) 706-8550.
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