Player positions

Question: In high school volleyball, on the initial serve of the match, player (A) on the Serving Team (S) commits a foot fault; hence, loss of rally, point awarded to Receiving Team (R), as well as right to serve. Are the players on Team (R) required to rotate for serve, or can the right back (RB) player automatically serve?
Answer: The receiving team’s players must rotate; hence, the right back (RB) rotates to the center back (CB) slot and the right front (RF) rotates to right back (RB) slot to serve. The team preparing to serve rotates clockwise one position. (Rule 6, Sec. 4, Art. 4)
Question: During play, a player on Team (R) is injured and leaves the set. Team (R) has one substitute on the bench. Does Team (R) have the choice to play shorthanded with only five players? Is Team (R) required to enter the substitute for injured player?
Answer: Although the rules allow a team to play shorthanded, an eligible available substitute must enter the set. (Rule 6-4-5; casebook play 6-2-1)


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