Net fouls

Question: In high school volleyball, during a volley, is it legal for a player on Team (R) to contact the ball, which is completely on Team (S)’s side of the net? Can the left front (LF) reach over the net and contact a ball completely on Team (S)’s court?
Answer: Illegal contact unless it is a block; over-the-net foul; penalty is loss of rally/point awarded to Team (S). (Rule 9, Sec. 6, Art. 2)
Question: During play on Team (R)’s courtside, is it legal for front row player (CF) on Team (S) to block a ball completely on Team (R)’s side? The ball was falling near the net and no Team (R) member could make a legal play on ball.
Answer: Legal block by Team (S) member; ball stays in play; no net foul calls. (Rule 9-6-4-c)


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