RECAP: The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Season 3, episode 19

It’s all about family…and tuna

Our usual recapper, Eileen, got a life, so she’s still out of commission – and her timing was perfect, because this show probably jumped the shark an episode or two ago when Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga did the wald thang in a bathroom. Even for that show, it was classy. So this recap won’t likely be anywhere near as good as when Eileen did them — sorry, Eileen — but if you want entertainment, you can always read this instead, even on your Kindle. (Actually, that sad, shameless plug may not help much either….)
Let’s see…
Kathy and Richie Wakile saw their daughter Victoria off to the prom. Kathy said she’d rather continue to be a full-time mom than work on a career. She said she wants to keep celebrating everything she can with her kids, even opening a can of tuna. If anyone on this show celebrated the opening of a can of tuna, they would undoubtedly rent out the Brownstone, spend thousands of dollars on Chicken of the Sea ice sculptures, and break into an argument with fists flying.
Meanwhile, the Gorgas and Giudices are setting up a family photo and celebrating their newfound harmony. Someone says, regarding one of the little boys, “Make sure his chain is out.” Hey, wouldn’t be a family photo without the gold on display!
But harmony on this show won’t last long. Caroline Manzo and her family just got copies of Teresa’s new cookbook, where she says Manzo is about as Italian as the Olive Garden.
Oh no she didn’t!
Yes, she did. Teresa apparently goes on to criticize how she makes meatballs (frying rather than flame broiling? Oh wait, that’s Burger King or McDonald’s or something) and says Caroline is like 1/16th Italian. Actually, Teresa, you’re confusing Caroline with the “Jersey Shore” Italians. (Did you know that Snooki Polizzi was adopted from Chile?)
Meanwhile, Greg, the roommate of Albie and Chris, who lives in Hoboken with them, is there to throw fuel on the fire with his comments. He’s not even part of the family! Until he marries Albie (ok, won’t happen, but there’s a contingent out there that really wants to believe…)
When Jacqueline Laurita confronts Teresa, she says she was joking. Well, one of those things could be a joke…but this is an entire monologue!
Caroline says being Italian is really about loyalty (not meatballs) and that she’d rather be her kind of Italian than Teresa’s kind of Italian.
And this is where the party ends. We see scenes from next week’s reunion, which provides to be more flammable than the kitchen at the Olive Garden. Jackie didn’t even show up. Somehow, if you follow current news, Team Manzo is now friends with the Gorgas and not the Giudices.
Well, we told you this recap wasn’t great, but you can always read news from Hoboken and Hudson County, New Jersey here at See links below for the prior recaps. And the reunion show should prove to be a real humdinger, so enjoy!

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