Vote YES to reject anti-rent control ordinance

Dear Editor:
Thank you, and congratulations to all who signed the petition for a referendum on the recent changes to Hoboken’s rent control law. You have won the right (so far) to have these changes voted on by the people and have demonstrated (so far) democracy in action.
I say “so far” because an organization in support of the changes is still fighting to keep the ordinance of changes, Z-88, off the Nov. 8th ballot.
This organization has also sued the city (the latest of several suits by them, contributing to the city’s financial straits) to change the wording and format of the ballot – so that one votes “no” to be in favor of the anti-rent control changes, and one votes “yes” to be against the changes.
In this same suit against the city (to change the writing of the ballot) this organization named the Committee of Petitioners as defendants in the suit, liable for monetary damages.
How is this possible?
How can citizens, legally petitioning, be sued for what the city writes?
What can the logic of this be, besides trying to scare people away from democracy?
Do responsible honest property owners want to be represented by this group?
It’s time to stand up to this group that uses law suits as blackmail against the city and its citizens.
Z-88 legalizes illegally high rents imposed between 1973 and 1985, slapping honest landlords of that period in the face. Z-88 gives the option to totally ignore the law under its “Equitable Authority” clause, and Z-88 rewards theft by limiting paybacks of illegal rents to two years.
These are among the many reasons this ordinance is unjust to tenants and honest landlords.
Vote YES to reject ordinance Z-88 on Nov. 8th.

J. Horwitz

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