Question: In high school volleyball, N.J. rules consist of playing the best two-of-three set match play. The first two sets are 25 points (no cap), win by 2 format. If a third set is needed, is it a 25, 21 or 15 point set?
Answer: All sets are 25 points (no cap) system. (Rule 1, Sec. 2, Art. 2 note No. 1)
Question: If there is a discrepancy in the running score and individual score in the scorebook, which is considered as the official score?
Answer: As points are scored due to serve, play, penalty, or loss of rally, each point is to be recorded in the appropriate square in the book. The proper number is then marked off in the running score. (Rule – instructions for scorers, pg. 50-53) Individual score is official score.


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