Stack responds to Brennen’s letter

Dear Editor:
I wish to respond to a letter that appeared in the September 18 edition of the Union City Reporter, entitled “Stack is a fight waiting to happen”, authored by Pat Brennen, Former Hudson County Resident.
I thank Mr. Brennen for his continued interest in the politics of Hudson County. As a former resident, it’s nice to know that he still cares about the community in which he formerly resided.
I take comfort in knowing that Mr. Brennen is in step with the political bosses of Hudson County, because it immediately invalidates his credibility. If Mr. Brennen paid closer attention to the workings of Hudson County politics, he would understand that it would be impossible for me to care less about the opinions that are held about me by Hudson County politicians. I will never be one of their pals or drinking buddies.
However, I will fight with any politician in Hudson County if I feel that Union City or the 33rd Legislative District is being shunned. After all, this is supposed to be about the people we are elected to serve.
When Mr. Brennen states, “It seems that Brian Stack cannot get along with anyone”, I do take issue with his statement. He couldn’t be more wrong. I continue to get along just fine with the residents who have elected me over the years to serve as Commissioner, Freeholder, Mayor, Assemblyman and State Senator.
Perhaps residents would be a better served if all of their representatives had the energy and will to fight for their respective constituencies.

Brian P. Stack
State Senator and Mayor

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