Mason’s focus is misplaced

Dear Editor:
As many uptown residents are aware, Shipyard Associates, L.P. has recently submitted plans to the Hoboken Planning Board for the proposed Monarch project. This project would be encompassing two 11-story buildings built on a pier platform adjacent to 15th street in Hoboken. This proposed project contradicts the understanding or perception that this pier would remain open space as currently indicated in the 2010 reexamination of the 2006 City of Hoboken Master Plan.
In May of this year, I personally reached out to both Beth Mason, our 2nd Ward City Council member and Mayor Dawn Zimmer regarding my concerns about this proposed project after Shipyard Associates, L.P. submitted an application to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The mayor responded back the very next day expressing that her administration shared my concerns and would respond to DEP accordingly.
I never heard back from Beth Mason regarding my communication to her.
Last week Ms. Mason sent out a letter protesting the efforts that have been made to sell the Hoboken hospital and indicated “it appears that this particular deal will not only lead to our hospital closing, but also pave the way for more over-development.”
I stand here today very confused as to why Ms. Mason is so vocal about a currently non-existent development project related to the hospital sale, but has remained silent in regard to the proposed Monarch project.
Ms. Mason what is your stance in regard to the Monarch project? Why did you not get involved when your own 2nd Ward residents reached out to you accordingly?

Respectfully submitted,

Eric, Michelle and Ethan Sandler

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