Indian Gujarati community of Secaucus

Dear Brother and Sisters of the Town:
911 is written as the black day of the history of the country. None of the Americans or any human being of the entire world will forget the cowardly act done by the terrorist on this day.
Many of our martyrs lay down their lives in performing their duty for the sake of the motherland and the community on this black day, 9/11.
Service to man kind is a service to God and to serve motherland is a holy duty of every citizen. Indian Hindu Shashras (holy books) consider the motherland is superior to heaven, A home of God.
On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, let’s remember and pay our great tribute to our brave martyrs, and keep these memories carved in our hearts for their brave act.
The Indian Gujarati community of this town share their grief with all of you and prays to all mighty to give eternal peace to our brave martyrs.

God Bless America
Bhikhubhai A Patel, Yashvant K Patel Hasmukh Parikh and others

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