Home Depot to the rescue

When the Secaucus Daycare Center closed in July, many families were left without care for their 3-4 year olds. St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, who has been providing a part time nursery school for the past 35 years, decided to step up to the plate and offer full day services. This was not an easy decision, since this fete would take a whole bunch of planning and money. We needed to upgrade our facility, without a lot of resources. We contacted Home Depot and spoke with the store manager, Tienette Keen. After explaining our mission, Ms. Keen suggested we write a letter, stating what needed to be done. To our surprise, Home Depot showed up with a team of volunteers and transformed our classrooms. Not only did they donate their time, but all of the supplies including paint, brushes, rollers, wood, hardware, etc. They even brought in a contractor to build cubbies for the children. To say it is amazing doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel about what they did for our church, and for our community. Mind you, this was done the weekend that their own store was preparing for Hurricane Irene. We are blessed to have a store like Home Depot in Secaucus. Their outreach to our community is exceptional, as well as greatly appreciated. We would like to personally thank Ms. Keen, Hector Ramos, Mark Rodriguez, Tatiyanna Wilson, Charlyn Alvarez, Daniel Millet, Ray Ameri, and contact person Karen Lancaster. God bless you all!

Flo Tarantino Council President St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church

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