Chase leads from Jersey City to Hoboken as police apprehend shooting suspects

JERSEY CITY AND HOBOKEN – A group that was allegedly involved in a shooting in Jersey City allegedly fled to downtown Hoboken on Friday afternoon after being chased by police. Several people were apprehended near 50 Harrison St., according to police and eyewitness sources.
One police official said half of the people involved in the shooting ran into Hoboken when police chased them from Jersey City. One published report states that the other half fled to a different area in Jersey City.
An eyewitness told the Reporter that police from Jersey City and Hoboken were sweeping the area near 50 Harrison St. for a gun at approximately 2:40 p.m.
One eyewitness said one building that was “on lockdown” contains a daycare center. The total number of apprehended suspects was not available at the time, but a local report states that at least two people were arrested – one at 50 Harrison St. and another on the 500 block of Jackson Street. Keep reading for more updates as they become available. — Ray Smith

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