Question: In high school baseball and softball, runner on first base; no outs; batter grounds to first baseperson who steps on bag to retire batter-runner. Defender then throws to second base to attempt put-out of slow runner. Is this a forceout play?
Answer: The force is removed once the batter-runner was put out; therefore, defense must tag out runner. Due to force removal, baserunner also has chance to retreat to first base with liability to be retired. (BB – Rule 2, Sec. 24, Art. 1 & Rule 2-29-3; SB – Rule 2-24, Art. 1 & 2 and Rule 2-28-2)
Question: Bases loaded, one out; batter-runner grounds to second baseman who steps on bag for forceout and throws to third to attempt to put out very slow runner. Is this a tag or force play at third?
Answer: Tag is required at third. Once the force out was made at second base (trail play), the force situation is removed at third and home; hence, slow runner has ability to retreat to second or advance to third with liability to be put out via tag play. Force play ends once following runner is put out at previous base. (BB – Rule 2-19-3; SB – Rule 2-24-2)


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