Fundraising effort for Jessica Huse

Community members are coordinating a fundraising effort to raise money for Jessica Huse, a 20-year old who was a victim of an almost fatal car accident two years ago as she was driving to church on Sunday morning. Suffering brain trauma and lying in a coma for over a year, she was brought from her home in California to Meadowlands Hospital to be treated by Dr. Philip DeFina, a neuroscientist who has developed groundbreaking treatments for traumatic brain injury.
Jessica has made incredible progress while under Dr. DeFina’s care and her parents hope to continue her treatment; however, insurance will not cover these costs any further. If you would like to read more about Jessica’s story or for more information about the fundraiser, visit:

State senator reacts to comments of union ‘sabotage’ made by hospital; says monitor needed

State Senator Joseph F. Vitale, vice-chair of the state Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee, released a statement last week responding to negative comments made by Meadowlands Hospital owner Dr. Richard Lipsky three weeks ago to the Secaucus Reporter. Lipsky had made the comments after a state investigation revealed problematic practices at the hospital.
Lipsky blamed the previous owners and the hospital workers’ union for the problems at the hospital, which his company bought last year.
However, Vitale said that the nature of Lipsky’s comments was simply proof that an independent monitor is needed for the hospital.
Lipsky had accused the previous owners of the hospital of “cannibalizing” the facility before selling it last year, and also said the hospital workers’ union “sabotaged” the investigation and behaved as a “malignant, cancerous, malicious organization.”
Senator Vitale said that Dr. Lipsky’s remarks are evidence that he is unwilling to admit his leadership’s failure and accept responsibility for alleged violations recently uncovered at the facility.
“I’ve written a letter to the State Department of Health requesting that an independent monitor – paid for at the hospital’s expense – be sent to Meadowlands Hospital to resolve questions about the quality of care and operations at the hospital,” Vitale said in a statement. “I think that this most recent outburst from the owner of the hospital further underlines the need for an independent voice of reason at the facility.”
He said that Lipsky and the current owners of Meadowlands Hospital have a responsibility to work with the state to address concerns and improve the quality of care at the facility.
Vitale’s entire statement can be read in the “up to the minute news” section of

Opportunity to enter library’s mini-fair baking contest

The library invites all adults to enter a cake baking contest and to submit one or more entries. The judging will take place at the library’s mini-fair, scheduled for Sept. 14.
Judging will take place in the following categories: cheesecakes, pies, cakes, cookies/bars/cupcakes and miscellaneous. Although the mini-fair begins at 10 a.m., all entries must be brought to the NBA Room on the second floor of the library by 9 a.m. for judging.
Even if the mini-fair gets pushed to Sunday because of inclement weather, the baking contest judging will still take place on Saturday so the entries are fresh and at their peak for tasting. Bakers should put their first and last names and phone numbers on the bottom of their cake pans or plates so the winners can be notified and the items can be returned. Winners will receive prizes.
For more information, contact Jenifer May: (201) 330-2083 or via email:
For more on the upcoming mini-fair, see next weekend’s newspaper.

Hospice volunteer training course

Hudson Hospice Volunteers, Inc. seeks volunteers to serve in companionship for terminally ill patients, to provide support for patients and their families, and to run errands and conduct telephone reassurance. The Volunteer Training Program begins Sept. 20 and runs until Nov. 8 on Tuesday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. or Tuesday evenings from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, contact Sister Carol: (201) 433-6225.

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