Healy administration plays the same old broken record

Dear Editor:
The Healy Administration continuously plays the same old broken record of doom and gloom concerning our budgetary hardships. These constant warnings of financial exhaustions are basically very hard to believe because every time we turn around another elaborate scheme is implemented that enhances wasteful expenditures.
This administration has the strange ability to cry poverty, with a handkerchief in one hand and a fistful of secretly found dollars in the other. These relevant questions relating to the deceptive ploy of these mysterious cash discoveries must be addressed? Who, what, when, where, why and how are these magical dollars being spent? These skepticisms can only be diverted by demanding a full independent investigation and audit, conducted by the State of New Jersey.
This entire fiscal examination should leave no stone left unturned. The inventory must include, all our municipal finances, together with a total breakdown of salaries, job numbers, tasks, hidden employments, perks, benefits, contracts, abatements, equipment, materials, utilities, agreements, ethics, and properties owned and maintain by the city.
This administration has issued numerous layoffs throughout their jurisdiction. These layoffs, unfortunately have been primarily felt by the lowest paid employees, and are truly affecting all our services. Yet they still miraculously discovered a way to justify back door promotions and appointments?
They have implemented forced furlough days to save revenue. Yet there are frequent abuses made public, rewarding their own selected, elite, anointed, political members, of their inner circle. Any and all various gaps, extensions of the law, misinterpretations and deliberate manipulations of proper regulations are their standard operational procedures. There are still evidences of untouched, questionable, high paying, numerous job holders, and “positions of convenience”. Lucrative contracts, sometimes without a bid, are still being prearranged. Yet they still announce a shortfall?
Property taxes have consistently risen and mandatory re-evaluation of our homes has been authorized by the mayor and the city council. Yet almost every known developer and entrepreneur that renovated or built any structure within our city limits have been granted tax abatements from this administration? Why were they so easily given? Could it be that most of these businesses, contributed to the re-election campaigns, of the same individuals, authorizing these abatements?
These carpetbaggers have made little or no pertinent impact or contributions to improve our quality of life, except for their own self serving environments. These forced subsidies are obviously adding an extra burden to the non-abated taxpayers, who are paying more than share, in maintaining essential and non-essential services?
We were told that these abated projects would offer a wide range of employment opportunities to the residents of Jersey City. Yet we found their words and guarantees worthless, as a meaningless pot of “fool’s gold”. Jersey City still has one of the highest unemployment rates.
These hallucinated tricks of now you see, and now you don’t, referring to our municipal assets, definitely needs to be scrutinized, to the fullest extent. All those found responsible, for any deliberate malpractices, must be made accountable for their actions?

William P. Frasca
Jersey City, N.J.

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