West New York Mayor Roque challenges Vega’s Board Of Education appointments

WEST NEW YORK — On Thursday Mayor Roque filed a challenge with the State Commissioner of Education against the appointment of Board of Education members Janet Passante and Alex Locatelli made by an outgoing Mayor Silverio Vega two months ago, shortly before he left office.
The complaint argues that the appointment of Janet Passante was illegal since NJ statutes state that any person appointed to a five-year term must be appointed between April 1 -15 of each year and immediately take seat May 15. So Vega missed the window for appointment and had no authority to make the May 13 appointment for a five-year term, Roque contends.
Also, the complaint quotes The Faulkner Act which states that “no subordinate board, department, body, office, position or employment shall be created and no appointment made to membership on any subordinate board, department or body, or to any office, employment or position including without limitation patrolmen and firemen, between the date of election of officers and the date the newly elected officers take office under any optional plan.”
Mayor Roque said, “We have to do what is right for the kids … I will not involve politics with the Board of Education. It’s about teaching the kids.” He also said that coming to the United States, he was afforded the opportunities of a good education, and he wants to do a good job as a doctor and mayor.
According to West New York town Assistant Attorney Joe Demarco, the challenge will be reviewed by the commissioner and he will decide on it or send it to an administrative judge.