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NFL star charged

Kenny Britt, 23, a former local football star and current starting wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans, was charged with eluding police, hindering apprehension, and obstructing a governmental function after he and his longtime friend, Jerel A. Lord, 23, of Bayonne, allegedly attempted to avoid being stopped for speeding and careless driving on April 12.
Subsequent to the arrest, Lord was also charged with obstruction as well as possession of marijuana.
A spokesperson for the Bayonne police said a patrol car clocked a blue Porsche Britt later admitted driving at 71 miles per hour along Route 440 near 21st Street at about 4:33 p.m.
The police patrol, according to the report, followed the Porsche down Route 440, and reported the car passing other cars both on the right and left, before finally exiting the highway at the Avenue A exit, where it proceeded south on Avenue A to the Fourth Street light, made a left, and apparently tried to park.
The police said when the patrol car arrived on Fourth Street, the Porsche was parked at an angle with Britt and Lord walking away from it.
The police spokesperson said Britt and Lord allegedly denied that they had come from the car. Then, Lord claimed to be the driver.
Lord showed a New Jersey driver’s license, and Britt gave his National Football League player’s union card as proof of identity.
The police said Lord tried to walk away and allegedly tossed something out of his pocket, which the police said turned out to be a marijuana cigarette in a sealed plastic bag.
Along with the more serious charges – one of which is considered a felony – Britt was also issued four traffic summonses for speeding, reckless driving, improver passing, and unsafe lane changes.

Umbrella apparently used as weapon

A Bayonne man was hit with several charges after he apparently walked in front of a light rail train at the Newport station in Jersey City and reacted inappropriately to the driver’s blowing the horn, according to police.
Antonio E. Rodriguez, 19, of Bayonne, has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, and unlawful possession of a weapon.
A police spokesperson said that Rodriguez boarded the Bayonne-bound train and allegedly pounded on the driver’s door and yelled obscenities. The door, police said, was clearly marked, “Do not disturb.”
When the train arrived at the Eighth Street Station in Bayonne, the operator exited the compartment and Rodriguez allegedly grabbed his arm. This escalated into a fistfight, as which point Rodriguez allegedly struck the driver in the head with an umbrella, leaving a cut. An employee from another New Jersey Transit train attempted to break up the fight and was allegedly struck by the umbrella as well.
Eventually, three transit employees subdued Rodriguez and held him on the lawn of the train station until the police arrived.
Rodriguez also faces charges of interfering with transport, since two trains were held up as a result of the incident.

Gun report leads to boy’s arrest

Responding to the area of East 16th Street and Avenue E on the report of a boy shooting a BB gun on April 11, police saw a boy, 16, from Bayonne, who appeared to be carrying a gun and walking on Avenue E. When the police tried to stop the boy, he allegedly ran west on 16th Street, allegedly throwing the weapon into the street as he ran.
When the police caught up with him near Broadway, he shoved the officer, broke away, and eventually escaped.
A police spokesperson said that patrol officers interviewed four Staten Island boys, ages 16 to 17, and learned the suspect’s identity. A warrant was issued for the boy’s arrest, and he surrendered to the police the next day.

Pot bust leads to weapons charge

Rafael A. Espinosa-Vicens, 26, and Victoria M. Rodriguez, 19, both of Perth Amboy, were charged with possession of marijuana on April 12 after police went to check on their stopped car.
In the early morning hours, a patrol passed a car on West First Street with its hood up, and turned around to render aid, a police spokesperson said. Officers noticed four people in the car with the engine running, and a ziplocked bag with suspected marijuana on the front console, police said.
The police said Espinosa-Vicens and Rodriguez both allegedly claimed possession, so both were charged.
When the police reached into the car to recover the plastic bags, they reported discovering a 17-inch brass sword tucked between the seats, and an 18-inch and 8-inch knife tucked in another place. They also apparently found an open bottle of beer.
The two passengers were interviewed and released. Espinosa-Vicens also apparently had unpaid fines due to the Middlesex Superior Court in the amount of $8,683, police said. In addition to the drug charge, he was charged with unlawful possession of weapons.

Brothers charged for playground fire

Two Bayonne brothers, ages 14 and 16, told police they accidentally set a playground slide on fire when they lighted some twigs under it and the fire grew out of control on April 10 at about 7:30 p.m.
Police went to the park on the report of a fire, and after the Bayonne Fire Department extinguished the blaze, the officers – acting on a description given by a witness – stopped the two boys at 50th Street and Broadway. The witness later identified the boys as those who set the fire. Each was then charged with criminal mischief, reports said.

Bayonne man charged with possession of heroin

Police charged Dennis J. Schino Jr., 38, of Bayonne, with possession of what was believed to be heroin and possible Percocet pills after spotting his vehicle dropping off a passenger near 54th Street on April 10.
A police spokesperson said the officer recognized Schino from previous encounters and followed him on to Avenue B, where Schino allegedly picked up speed at times exceeding 40 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone. When the police caught up with him at 40th Street and Avenue C, the officer reported seeing Schino place something on the consol. The officer said he saw a gray folding knife on the floor of the car and when reaching in to recover it, apparently saw five bags of suspected heroin.

Talking on cell phone leads to drug arrest

Jean M. Theophile, 21, of Jersey City was charged with possession of marijuana after being pulled over for allegedly driving while talking on a cellular phone on April 12.
Theophile was driving near Broadway and 49th Street at around 10:45 p.m. when police stopped him.
A police spokesperson said the officer detected the odor of marijuana in the car, and said that Theophile allegedly admitted to having an ecstasy pill in his possession.

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