Finishing touches for Bayonne paving project

BAYONNE — Mayor Mark A. Smith announced that a contractor will put the finishing touches on the 2010 Broadway paving project during the nights of Monday, April 18, through Thursday, April 21. The work will involve reopening and sealing the joints in the pavement from 17th Street to 29th Street on Broadway. These steps will enable the pavement to expand and contract to avoid damage as temperatures change in the years ahead. A similar sawing and sealing process took place on Broadway after the previous paving project there in 2003. When the main part of the paving project finished in late 2010, the final sealing was postponed until now.
Signs will be posted on Broadway to give 48 hours’ notice of the work. The plan involves doing phased work on four blocks per night, between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. City officials requested overnight hours for the work, in order to minimize the impact on Broadway businesses. Four-block no parking areas will be established in stages, as needed, night by night. There will be limited lane closings on Broadway, in order to have space to seal the pavement. Police officers will be directing traffic, and will allow the Broadway Bus to stay in operation all four nights. Traffic will also be allowed on the cross-streets.

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