Foul ball/foul tip

Question: In high school baseball and softball, a batted ball goes directly to catcher’s mitt, bounces out, contacts catcher’s chest protector, and finally is caught by catcher. Foul ball or foul tip?
Answer: Foul tip; live ball, strike on batter. (BB – Rule 2, Sec. 16, Art. 2; SB – Rule 2, Sec. 25, Art. 2)
Question: Batted ball goes sharply and directly to catcher’s chest protector and is caught by catcher in glove for apparent third strike. Foul ball, foul tip, or strike three?
Answer: This is ruled an “uncaught” foul ball because it initially contacted the catcher’s protector rather than the glove/mitt; hence, dead ball, foul. Contacting the protector first is similar to hitting the ground. (BB – Rule 2, Sec. 16, Art. 1(d); SB – Rule 2, Sec. 25, Art. 1(g); both – Rule 5- 1-1(d-2))


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