Citywide Rosarian Communion Breakfast successful

To the Editor:
Dear fellow Rosarians:
The 29th Citywide Rosarian Communion Breakfast took place on April 3. A 9:30 a.m. Mass was held at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukranian Catholic Church, celebrated by the pastor and priests of that parish; concelebrated by Msgr. Lawrence Miller, pastor and moderator of St. Mary, Star of the Sea. Msgr. Miller has done so for 25 years.
The breakfast was held at the Chandelier. Close to 200 Rosarian participated. President Marianne Savon-Cohen welcomed the Rosarians of the eight parishes of Bayonne. Toast mistress Paula Kobryn introduced the individual presidents and moderators of each parish. Following the pledge to the flag and the invocation, the breakfast buffet was served. After the breakfast, the toast mistress introduced our honored guest speaker, Sr. Natalya Stoczanyn, SSMI. Sister spoke of the many spiritual works Rosarians perform in their church and parish communities. Sister concluded with a beautiful reading of an “Ode to Grandmother’s Hands.”
Next year, St. Henry’s parish (where the city wide started) will be the host for the 30th annual Citywide Rosarians Communion Breakfast. While this is a landmark anniversary date, the Bayonne Rosarians are determined to continue this beautiful annual spiritual event. Something for the Rosarians to be very proud of is the fact that Bayonne is the only city that has coordinated a Citywide Rosarians’ Communion Breakfast, which encompasses eight parishes. Hats off to your dedication for all these years. Truly believe the Blessed Mother smiles down to you each year you honor her with this event.
Personally, since I relocated to the shore in 1988, it has become a homecoming for me. I am always so warmly welcomed by my fellow Rosarians. How often in life is someone so blessed. I will be counting the months until my next homecoming in April 2012, most especially because we have attained the 30th year. Please know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Congrats to next year’s host parish, St. Henry’s Church.


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