HELP WANTED: Hoboken Mayor Zimmer accepting resumes for new public safety director

HOBOKEN – Just a few days after (now former) Public Safety Director Angel Alicea resigned after telling Mayor Dawn Zimmer he met twice with FBI informant and disguised developer Solomon Dwek in 2009, Zimmer is looking to fill the vacant position. So, if you feel qualified, shoot your resume to City Hall.
Dwek’s 2009 undercover work with the FBI and the U.S. District Attorney brought down former Mayor Peter Cammarano, who is now behind bars serving a two year sentence for accepting a $25,000 donation from the disguised developer. Alicea was a council candidate on Cammarano’s 2009 slate, was hired as public safety director after he lost, and stayed on as director after Zimmer took over. His salary was $27,000.
The release of the book “The Jersey Sting” by Josh Margolin and Ted Sherman revived the discussion, when it was revealed that Councilman Michael Russo in 2009 met with Dwek. The shock carried over to last week’s council meeting, when members of the public both blasted and supported Russo (click HERE to see the coverage of the meeting).
However, some members of the public called out Alicea, after it was reported previously that he may have met with Dwek.
Late on Friday, Zimmer’s administration published a press release indicating that Alicea had resigned after disclosing to the mayor that he met with Dwek twice. Zimmer also called for the release of all “tapes, recordings, transcripts, and other documents” related to the investigation involving “Hoboken public officials, their close associates, and family members.”Zimmer submitted a corresponding Freedom of Information Act to the Department of Justice.
Operation Bid Rig is considered an ongoing investigation. — Ray Smith

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