New York Times publishes long story about Hoboken waterfront

HOBOKEN — The New York Times published a long story today about how expensive the repairs will be to Hoboken’s waterfront, a story consistently followed by (See “Chewing up the Coastline” linked below.)

They write:

Hoboken’s tale is a variation on themes heard around the country — politicians who preferred cutting ribbons on new projects to taking care of old ones, governments that spent their way into debt even when times were relatively good, and new executives taking office and finding that things were much worse than they realized.
There have been similar problems in other towns along the Hudson River WaterfronWalkway, conceived as an unbroken strip from the Bayonne Bridge to the George Washington Bridge, but they have been most pronounced in Hoboken.
“It seems almost criminal that it’s come to this,” said Helen S. Manogue, president of the Hudson River Waterfront Conservancy, which promotes the walkway project. “It seems like nobody allowed for what a brutal environment the river is to build in — not the towns, not the developers, not the engineers.”

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