Snow plows saved my baby

Dear Editor:
After hearing and reading so much criticism about local government’s handling of the snow storms this winter in Hudson County as well as New York City, I’d like to send a note of thanks to snow workers from Hoboken to North Bergen for their impressively quick work overnight into Jan. 27th, the day my son was born.
Opening my Hoboken apartment building’s garage door at 4:45 a.m. to take my wife to Palisades Medical Center, I was confronted with about 15 inches of fresh snow on the driveway and at least double that where we had been plowed in. Needless to say, it was concerning.
Moments later, I saw a plow drive by and waved its two occupants down to explain my predicament. They didn’t hesitate to help, quickly clearing as much as they could before refusing my offer of a tip, congratulating me and rushing off. Five more minutes of shoveling was all it took to clear a path for my car.
Though the snow had stopped falling less than an hour earlier, our 10-minute drive to the hospital was largely drama-free, with all of the main arteries completely cleared.
Our son, Everett, was born about four hours later. He, my wife and I are very appreciative of everyone who chipped in to clear the roads.

Mason Levinson

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