Gov find right targets

Dear Editor,
Finally Governor Chris Christie has woken up from his zombie state of hypnotic irrational bogus annihilation of bulling low level employees, who are the backbone of the State, City and County Governments. They provide necessary services to the citizens of New Jersey? At least for a short temporary period, he released the Albatross around the necks of the average government low level worker, and all those who retired in good faith without feeling the unnecessary fabricated wrath associated with his unsupportive aggressive rhetoric.

He finally realized that there are high level despicable culprits within the system that are among the undeserving. These blood suckers are unmercifully depleting and draining our resources, with their exorbitant salaries and political favoritisms. This includes an unfair increase to their retirement benefits, which will eventually cost us more.

Good news has finally arrived from the State Capital; Governor Chris Christie suspended six of the seven Commissioners of the Passaic Valley Sewage Commission, and asked for their resignations, for committing ethics violations, the majority did yield to his demand. No matter how it was discovered, the final analysis revealed these true perpetrators, against the people, for their selfishness and greed. Obviously there’s more to weed out.

Two of these six individuals, were from Hudson County, “imagine that”. They were Vice Chairman Carl S. Czaplicki, who also holds the position of Director of the Jersey City Department of Housing, Economic Development and Commerce and Thomas J. Powell from Harrison, who is the Development Commissioner.

They defiantly spat in the eye of every citizen, with their indecencies and unconscionable egotistical behavior. Each one administered no respect for the citizens of New Jersey, by holding multiple high level positions, which also granted them all “political hack privileges” and undeserving perks, which also exposed them to an extended high volume of nepotism, topped with a big red cherry called “cronyism”.

It seems as though high morals, self-esteem, ethics, oath of office and serving to improve the quality of life for the betterment of Society means absolutely nothing but a stepping stone for self gratification, indulgence and camaraderie.

Are we, so numb and naive, as to accept this vile, wide range relentless epidemic of corruption, cronyism, nepotism and thievery, stating “Business as Usual” allowing these violators to persist? Why do we just sit back, and blame our present budget deficiencies on everything else except the true offenders, and tolerate these abominations as standard operational procedures that will never change? We allow them to milk the system, with no restrictions, while most of us are tightening our belts, sacrificing, forced to pay higher taxes, with fewer services, layoffs furloughs and givebacks, while they and their associates get fatter.

Why do some have the audacity as to believe they are “Above the Law”? We are equally guilty of creating this environment by remaining silent. This must stop immediately because our economy can no longer maintain these exploitations presently in existence, overflowing with the unscrupulous arrogant selfish political bureaucrats and their cronies.

William P. Frasca
Jersey City, N.J.

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