Garcia applauds educators

Dear Editor:
As we prepare to welcome Dr. Toback into the Hoboken Public School System with open arms and excitement, we are experiencing the transition between two excellent education leaders in Mr. Carter and Mr. Rusak. They have been instrumental in their autopsy of our public schools in order to restructure, redefine and position them for excellence in the future. As many advocates celebrate National School Choice Week, I wanted to take a moment to shine the spotlight on all Hoboken educators who embody the mission of “excellence in academia.”
As a proud parent of children in the public school system, which includes charter schools, I recognize the hard work and commitment teachers have made within our community and thank you. I take great pride in my advocacy for improving student achievement in public education. As a public servant on the Hoboken Board of Education for the last nine years, I can see the fruits of our educators’ labor producing an impressive student harvest.
As we shine a spotlight on every child this week, remember their teachers who have made it possible. I wanted to highlight our incredible AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) student performance scores which are driven by our teachers at Connors School, one which lagged far behind the others.
Applause go out to those administrators like Ms. Erbe, Mrs. Morales, now-principal Mrs. Periera, Mr. Busanich, Mr. Riley, Mrs. Palumbo, Mr. Joy and those amazing teachers who have made the difference at Connors and district wide. Hoboken High School, Wallace, Calabro and our early childhood program continue to thrive because of our phenomenal teachers. We can’t salute you enough for your dedication as we know you believe all children can learn and care enough to have chosen a noble profession that inspires and teaches our kids, makes Hoboken and America educationally stronger.
“Excellence is a habit not an act” and in the words of President Barack Obama, “Let’s fix what needs fixing and move forward.” As Hoboken’s public education community aims for greatness, “I say let’s make it happen”.

Carmelo G. Garcia,
Trustee, Hoboken Board of Education

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