‘A very wonderful young man’

To the Editor:
There is a very wonderful young man who lives on our block on East 33rd Street. Every time it snows, he never fails to help shovel the snow for me and my husband, and the neighbors that live on our street.
His name is Michael Fumento. He is a caring young man who worries that we may fall or get hurt when there is so much snow and, as of late, we all had our share. Michael is the grandson of Mary Bellotta, who graced our block for most of her life. She was respected by all and she passed recently and we miss her. Even over the age of 90, Mary always attended to her home and garden.
How proud Mary would be of her grandson Michael and his kind and caring manner. I am sure that Mary looks down on him with pride and a big smile. Heartfelt gratitude, Michael, for all you do. I am sure that your grandmother is shining her face on you from heaven!


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