Stack has too much power already and wants more

Dear Editor:
Recently, Union City Mayor and State Senator Brian Stack urged support for Governor Christie’s “toolkit,” a series of initiatives proposed to reform certain areas of government. I too support reforming government and believe the system needs several corrections. However, I am completely opposed to the elimination of civil service and I am completely opposed to people like Brian Stack who will use the elimination of civil service to further their own political agendas. If mayor, senator, police director, and political boss, Brian Stack wants to reform government why does he not start by supporting the immediate elimination of dual office holding? After all is this not one of the governor’s key issues in his overall plan to reform government.
If Stack wants real reform then he should support a complete ban on pay to play. No cops, firemen, teachers, and public workers contributing to campaigns or going door to door at election time. No accepting campaign contributions from vendors doing business with the City of Union City. How about term limits? You really want to reform government, set term limits. No more career politicians who make a living off taxpayers. Two terms and it is time to move on. Return to your original career, if you ever had one, or find a new career. The founding fathers never envisioned a system where power could be held by so few for so long. Want to reform government on a local level? Start by placing a lower cap on the hourly rate a lawyer can charge for his or her legal services. Stop sending out mailings every time you pave a street or change a light bulb. When the city is sued and someone is found liable, hold them accountable. Why should the taxpayers continue to pay these outrageous settlements? Eliminate political positions, like the compliance officer, can you explain what he actually does? Stack’s support for the elimination of civil service is nothing more than an attempt to gain more power and more control over the people of Union City. Do not be fooled by Stack and his antics. This is nothing more than a power grab by a person who already has too much power.

Former Civil Servant

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