‘Sweetie’ the missing dog is back home!

JERSEY CITY AND BEYOND — Jersey City resident Jack Murray’s beloved dog “Sweetie,” a border collie mix, went missing last Sunday after he tied her up outside a bodega near Journal Square so he could shop. He spent the week heartbroken.
But over the weekend, Sweetie was returned!
Murray left a comment on our last story, viewed by more than 1,000 people, to let us know she is home safe. Today, Murray said that the owner of the bodega was responsible for his getting the dog back. The story goes like this:
After Murray tied the dog up outside last week, one of the customers in the store noticed the dog there. Someone told the customer that the dog had been tied up for four hours (which was obviously not true).
The customer, who had lost his own dog to cancer a few months ago, took the dog home and took good care of it.
This past Sunday, the bodega owner — who had seen Murray’s posters up — saw the customer in the store again and said, “Hey, I know whose dog that is.”
Sweetie was returned to Murray, and had been taken good care of all week.
“This is a true Jersey City miracle,” said a very thankful Murray.

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