Union City pushes landlords to enhance living conditions of local tenants

UNION CITY — Landlords of Union City multifamily structures of five or more units must report a vacant apartment to the Rent Leveling Board Office should the vacancy continue for 90 days, according to an ordinance passed by City of Union City Jan. 4.
First-time violators will receive a fine of $500 per vacant apartment, and subsequent violations will carry a fine between $100 and $500 per vacant unit. Each day exceeding the 90 days will constitute a separate violation, according to the ordinance.
Such action, according to the ordinance, is meant “to protect the rights of tenants during the present affordable rental housing crisis in Union City.”
In an effort to enhance living conditions among local tenants, Union City Mayor Brian Stack sent out a letter to Union City landlords Jan. 5 soliciting them to fill out a form that will ultimately lead to compiling a list of all building superintendants and their contact information.
Stack states in the letter that “[the contact information] will be helpful if my office receives complaints about certain buildings and we wish to ensure that problems are addressed.”
Landlords who failed to return the form within 10 days of receipt would, according to the letter, receive a summons for not complying with the request.
In the letter, Stack reminded landlords that building superintendants are responsible for the maintenance of heating systems, removal of snow and ice around the building, general upkeep of the premises, and the adherence to policies of mandatory monthly exterminations and presentable garbage barrels.

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