Only time will tell

Dear Editor:
What a year 2010 has been, particularly if you are in any way connected with the Secaucus school system or have children attending our system. The under mining of the Board, Superintendent and Staff by the grandstanding of wan a bee candidates at Board meetings was uncalled-for. Statements made at the meetings were precisely intended for the press covering that meeting and for the most part false or misleading.
Most disturbing to me was that some of these misleading statements came from leadership who should have known better. Bottom line.
Who do you believe? Who can you believe? Who should you believe? Only time will tell.
Over the 20 years I have served Secaucus, 15 years as an elected official to the Board, 5 years as an appointed official to the Secaucus Housing Authority, many times I found myself in a position where the need for confidentially was imperative. When I found myself in that position I would take solace knowing that someday the need for confidentially would no longer exist. To ease my frustration I would write a letter to this column and in closing I would make one of the following statements, “time will tell,” “time will prove me correct.” Needless to say the most pleasurable time came when the time did come that I could tell. Check the record.
Now that being said, I’m looking forward to the year 2011. I’m looking forward to the time when some issues that are now before the Board will no longer be confidential. Rest assured, when that time comes, Tom will tell!

Tom Troyer

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