No help in Weehawken

Dear Editor:
Although I am very impressed with the snow cleanup efforts in Weehawken, I must say that I am very disappointed in the “public safety” department’s response to my request for emergency assistance on Sunday night. I unfortunately had to drive from North Carolina to New Jersey during the snow storm with my son.
Upon reaching Weehawken, another driver swerved at my car, causing me to go into a snow drift. I was in the process of digging myself out when my battery died. I called the police who said that they could not help me. I asked two public safety officers who drove by me and my son for assistance. Both laughed and said, “No, we don’t do that.”
Finally, a generous plow driver gave us a quick jump and we were fine. A fireman who saw my son and I sitting in the car said, “Good luck.” Given the blizzard conditions, how can someone who is employed to assist people do that? I wasn’t asking for towing, winching, or anything else other than a quick battery jump. I even had the battery cables!

Tracy Andrews

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