Eager to engage

Dear Editor:
There’s a plethora of planned open spaces for Hoboken including the 14th Street Viaduct multi-space project. Mayor Zimmer of Hoboken deserves praise for involving a significant element of the community in the “stakeholder process” through community input in the design details of several projects including Sinatra Park and Hoboken Cove and 1400 Park Avenue. Our own mayor in Union City, Brian Stack, also participated in the collaborative process for the 14th Street Viaduct with other notable government members in the Senate, Congress, and Board of Freeholders. Ample Community meetings and input, community feedback, posting of the 14th Street Viaduct on Hoboken’s municipal website, Mayor Zimmer’s commitment to preserving open space sets a gold standard for Union City to emulate regarding the large-scale planned improvements to its Washington Park.
Given Mayor Stack’s acknowledged role in the collaborative process in Hoboken and the citizen feedback which has worked so effectively in Hoboken, our Union City citizens are eager to engage in the same process for Washington Park. We yet await our turn to be actively involved in suggesting some design details, sharing our aspirations, looking at possible amenities, expressing our wishes and concerns for these Washington Park improvements in the conceptual phase.

Tony Squire

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