Donations needed to complete firehouse art work

Earlier this year, firefighters at Jersey City’s Greenville Fire House contacted ProArts, the local arts organization,) and invited artists to design a mural for their firehouse kitchen table. Now the artists involved in the project are soliciting donations for supplies to finish the job.
Artists Eileen Ferara, Jaz Graf and Rebecca Sullivan banded forces to manifest the ideas of the firefighters, who wanted to incorporate on the mural images of their firehouse built in 1910; some old fire trucks from that time and their two fire trucks today, Engine 19 and Ladder 8; the World Trade Center Memorial Lights; the Statue of Liberty; classic Jersey City brownstones; their firehouse patch, and a tribute to Roosevelt Lanes.
The table-top is a reclaimed bowling lane from the recently demolished Roosevelt Lanes in Jersey City. The legs of the table will be made from old fire hydrants.
The project will only be funded if at least $800 is raised by Jan. 1 at 10 p.m.
Funds raised will go towards materials, labor and transport. The artists are creating the tabletop in a warehouse. Their goal of $800 is modest; even if they exceed this goal, the donations will go towards this project.
All donations are tax-deductible, because ProArts is a 501(c)3 arts organization.
“We are proud to work on this project for the Greenville Fire Department,” the group said in a statement, “a dedicated team of individuals who are committed to serving our local community. It is our hope that it will be a place where people come together to swap stories, laugh, eat, drink and pass along their kitchen table wisdom.”
Some of the people who helped work on this project include Rob Daly,
Kay Kenny, Kathryn Klanderman, Corrine Mulrenan, Marc Wesson, Melvin Mercado, Jasper Lin, Laos Fois, and Rachel Tuazon.
To contribute to this project, or just become a supporter, go to and follow the links.


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