‘He is for the people of Bayonne’

To the Editor:
I would like to thank Ray Greaves. Mr. Greaves has only been in office a short while, and I can say without reservation that he is for the people of Bayonne.
I contacted him the other day after we had a birthday party for my grandson in Hudson County Park. Even though this park is run by the county, Mr. Greaves helped get in contact with the right person to advise him of a dangerous situation. A three-year old girl, who attended that party, tripped and fell and landed on a very thick branch coming up from the ground, sticking out about a foot. Thank God she was not serious injured. It did make a mark on her chest, but it did not puncture.
Mr. Greaves took this very seriously and contacted the appropriate people to have this safety hazard taken care of immediately. Mr. Greaves, Mayor Smith and the town of Bayonne are lucky to have you on their team. Thanks again!

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