Customer satisfaction

To the Editor:
I had gone to the Dennis Collins Post Office on 26th Street to mail a package on Oct. 29 at 3:10 p.m. I was waiting on the line in between the two doors and there was only one postal worker to help us. The woman was by herself and the line was so long. This person had five packages that took 10 minutes to do. No supervisor came by to see how long the line was.
I had asked the postal worker to call the post master for him to see how ridiculously long this line was. She had called the post master on the phone, but he never arrived. Everyone on the line had stated that nothing is going to change. If you complain, nothing changes. So, what’s the difference! I see that the post office has these words, “Customer Satisfaction,” up, but the post office is not true to their words.
I had waited 40 minutes before being waited on. When I left the post office, the line was past the double door. The postal worker said that a new window will open in 10 minutes (it didn’t open until 30 minutes). The postal employee had said, “I usually take my break when a window opens.” But, she stayed there to get the line down. Thank you!
It’s a real shame that we, the customer, have to wait on such long lines every time I come to the post office. If I see such a line again, I guess I will go to UPS.
The post office is losing money, and they wonder why. They just don’t care about the customer anymore. They will say that they are broke, raise the stamp, and not care about the customer.


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