Was Velazquez the right choice?

Dear Editor:
The anointed appointment of Radames “Ray” Velazquez, by His Highness, the Honorable Mayor Jeremiah Healy, as we are constantly and continually told, was an historical event in our great City of Jersey City. He’s the first openly announced gay councilman, in addition to being HIV-positive. Congratulations, good luck, and may the Good Lord Bless You in all your endeavors, but is this an essential asset or criteria for being selected by the “Teflon One,” for this all-important position during these turbulent times of corruption, violence, and thievery with underhanded misuse and abuse of public funds?
Why did ex-Councilman Mariano Vega wait so long to resign, too late for a special election, allowing the Mayor and Council to decide his replacement, instead of the public?
Mr. Velazquez might be an outstanding appointment, free and independent from the shackles of this Administration, but regrettably, the information given to us was vague, because it highlighted and stressed his personal decisions in life, instead of consecrating on all his key critical points of public interest, which are adversely affecting all our lives. The information given that he was a part time municipal judge and an ex-Hudson County freeholder, but why wasn’t his voting record published?
Should someone’s chosen life style place them at the top of the list? This non- transparency of kangaroo policy, which eliminates the electorate from their constitutional right in voting for their representatives, has been, unfortunately, an accepted standard operational practice within this Administration. There were other individuals applying for this vacancy who were not granted the privilege of an interview by the City Council. Why, was Mr. Velasquez a politically correct, “rubber stamp” choice?
When the “process of selection” is limited, with multiple road blocks and brick walls, which are used to manipulate and control the process, then this should obviously display a warranted skepticism in its decision with reasonable doubt.
Should the Mayor dictatorially tap individuals wide open to his own self serving agenda, which is creating a smoke and mirrors atmosphere, used for taking by each and every political demigod? Should the people of Jersey City be labeled as “unlimited revenue” for the corrupt? Shouldn’t these officials honor their true oath of office by yielding to the wishes of the populous, by creating a government of, by, and for the people?
The City Council should always be comprised of diverse honest public servants, favorably increasing everyone’s quality of life, which has been a proven failure in this questionably unethical Administration.
The gay and lesbian community was elated at his selection, because they feel Mr. Velazquez mirrors their own ideology and it offers them in their own words, “people who desperately need a voice.” Let’s hope that the sound amplified is not an additional voice that echoes fabricated praises of Mayor Healy and his political cronies.
Mr. Velazquez must never forget that he not only speaks for and represents the gay and lesbian community, but also, for all the residents of Jersey City.

William P. Frasca

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