Residents deserve open transparency

Dear Editor:
Once again, the Zimmer Administration is not working with open transparency. Ian Sacs, director of transportation and parking for the City of Hoboken, has already proceeded with blueprints moving the Hoboken Parking Utility from its centrally located offices at City Hall to the residentially located offices at the mid-town garage near the Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC) at 330 Clinton St. The mid-town garage offices are presently leased by the HUMC, providing services to the public and revenue to the City. The move, orchestrated by Director Sacs, who is supposed to be providing parking solutions, not picking out the drapes, will force residents to compete with individuals doing business at the HPU. In addition, there is no public transportation in the area, causing significant inconveniences for residents and visitors needing access to the HPU.
In a meeting last week with Hoboken Business Administrator Arch Liston, I asked him if he was aware that the relocation move was proceeding without any public input or notification. Liston indicated he was aware of the move, but was surprised to hear that the HUMC leases the offices in question and pays rent to the City. The offices at the mid-town garage were originally designed to lease spaces for doctors and businesses, such as a flower shop and other mixed-use retail, which would not only serve the hospital, but area residents as well.
Once again, the lack of transparency being displayed by this administration is extraordinary. The lack of respect being shown to residents of our city is unfortunate. I question whether appointed Councilman Lenz, who is head of the Finance Committee, is aware of this move, and how much loss in revenue it will directly cause the taxpayers of Hoboken. Or if Councilman Mello, the head of the Parking and Transportation Committee knows how many residential parking spaces will be eliminated? It’s time this Administration stopped bullying the taxpayers of our City with completely reckless decision. The people of Hoboken deserve better.

3rd Ward Councilman Michael Russo

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