Cops are good for safety, not unnecessary parking tickets

Dear Editor:
Bonnie Toadvyn’s response (Sept. 19) to my letter of Aug. 29, complaining about a ticket I got for parking behind a white line that was painted by the City on the curb and advertized as the new safe place to park, was to defend ticket-happy cops (with quotas to fill?) because “the corners need to be cleared for school.” There was no school near where I received my ticket, and I parked on the north side facing a one-way street going south, so my car could not have blocked a driver’s vision turning the only way he could have turned, south, to the right.
Bonnie Toadvyn has a “firm belief that one of the things that makes Hoboken desirable are the police.” But I say, if cops are used to write unnecessary tickets to raise money for the city, we have too many of them. Cops who walk their beats at night keeping our streets safe have my respect and support.

T. Weed

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