Change the clocks back, not our city

Dear Editor:
Why should Hoboken go back in time? I know we change the clocks back an hour this season, but why set a whole city back by not supporting the incumbent Councilman Mike Lenz? Mike Lenz has proven his ability to care about the citizens of Hoboken as well as the 4th Ward. Why bring in an unknown entity who is sharply critical of the current city administration?
With Mike Lenz continuing on the Council, we will be able to continue to support Mayor Zimmer. She has made some very difficult choices – it is not an easy decision for anyone to eliminate jobs and cut programs. Mayor Zimmer is the first mayor in quite a while to be decisive and open to other options, as well. Once she has made a decision, she is not the type of person to “close the door” on other options, but to consider such options intelligently. She and her Council allies do not have to “grand stand” as Ms. Mason and Mr. Russo have done during meetings. Keeping Mike Lenz on the Council will only enhance our city and help Mayor Zimmer bring it into the future – not turn it back to the past, dark times. With the economy down the tubes and the possibility of uncovering other “unknown” gimmicks used by prior city administrations, it surely is worthwhile to hold onto as much of the surplus as possible. The direction and future of our city is at stake with the 4th Ward election. I urge my fellow citizens to vote for Mike Lenz on Nov. 2 and just turn back your clocks not our city.

Michael Petrikat

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