A little generosity goes a long way

Dear Editor:
I was so moved after reading the story of Ms. Connie Virulet, the subject of “Spar Power” in the Fall 2010 edition of Palisade Magazine. Mother of four beautiful children. Massage Therapist. College Student. Eminent Pro Boxer. OMG! The reader becomes keenly aware of her triumphs and her travails, her courage and her despair. She has enormous strength and needs, too. Realizing dreams hinge on determination, skill, and training but even more, they can be dependent on luck, timing, and the generosity of others. I know she needs a little of the latter – she needs a car in the worst way. I pray that some used car dealer in the area will reach out to help this working mother of four who lacks reliable family support and financial resources. She’d never in a million years ask for help, but what an enormous blessing that would be! It may help her to do something no fighter should ever do – let her guard down for a moment.

Barbara Milton

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