‘I thought charity begins at home’

To the Editor:
I recently had to call Chase, as there was a problem with my credit card. I couldn’t understand their representative, and finally asked him, “Where am I calling?” He said that I was calling the Philippines.
I was shocked and angry that Chase would have a representative there and not here in America. Didn’t we bailout Chase when the banks were collapsing? We should boycott them and every other bank that received bailout money and does this.
The next day, I called back and again I asked the question, “Where am I calling?” This time it was India. The man was very polite, but it was not an American who may have been out of work. I thought charity begins at home.
Our unemployment rate demands that we should only do business with those banks that have a conscience, and especially the ones we bailed out with taxpayer’s money.


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