To senators: Pass the Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Accountability Act

Dear Editor:
The devastating Deepwater Horizon oil disaster has killed thousands of birds, hundreds of endangered and threatened sea turtles, and dozens of marine mammals. It has impacted hundreds of miles of coastline and severely damaged the tourism- and fisheries-based economy of the region. The full extent of the environmental and economic impacts may not be known for years.
Senators Lautenberg and Menendez, and their colleagues in the U.S. Senate, should take immediate action to pass the Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Accountability Act (S. 3663) when they return to Washington, D.C. this month. This critical legislation will address much-needed drilling reforms and safeguard our wildlife and wild places.
S. 3663 would:
* Improve offshore drilling management and crisis response.
* Guarantee funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund – an important tool for preserving and restoring habitat in the Gulf and beyond.
* Invest in Home Star – an energy efficiency program that lowers costs for consumers and creates jobs.
The U.S. House of Representatives has already taken the lead and passed their version of this bill (CLEAR Act), and it is time for the Senate to do the same.
Act now before more harm is done.

Mrs. Daphne Speck-Bartynski

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