Past hopes starting to be fulfilled with Hudson River Walkway groundbreaking

Dear Editor:
I am writing to you about the article in this week’s Weehawken reporter, “Walk this way.” I sent you an e-mail entitled “Bridging the Gap” last year, which was put in the Weehawken Reporter. Well, on Monday the 20th, while I was walking on the Hudson River Walkway by the Tea Building in Hoboken, I saw them setting up for the groundbreaking. Not knowing what it was for, I stayed to watch. To my surprise, the groundbreaking for the bridging of the gap between Hoboken and Weehawken was taking place. It was a nice day for the groundbreaking. Both mayors from Weehawken and Hoboken were there, and everybody who had a part in it was also there. Like I said in my last letter, this is a long-awaited part of the Hudson River Walkway finally getting done! I walk the walkway in Weehawken in which I live to the ferry at Port Imperial in Weehawken to the ferry in Hoboken at First Street and back almost everyday, about six miles or so. It will be great to have it done. And that we don’t have to go out to Park Avenue and either over or under the bridge anymore when done, which is not the safest way to go. And with the new 1600 Park Ave. park on the other side of the Park Avenue bridge. When all the parks are on both sides of the bridge are done, we maybe can say that there is a good way of coming in to Hoboken now. My family goes back a long way in Hoboken. I can sill hear my Mom saying (rest in peace) “there isn’t a good way of coming in to Hoboken scenery wise!” I think this changes that now, at least on the north side of Hoboken. I think this is something the government has done right! Keeping the shoreline for the people not the owners! And let me tell you, I walk both waterfront walkways on both sides of the river, and I don’t think this side of the river’s walkway takes second place to NYC! We got the much better view! And I like to thank the county and state and towns along the Hudson River in Hudson County for making the dream of the Hudson River Walkway come true. I can still remember talks about the walkway from back in the early 80s. And just one other thing for all you newbies to the Gold Coast – there was a time not so long ago where you couldn’t even get to the waterfront at all. With all the shipyards and factories at the water edge! And also remember there is access to the waterfront here in Hudson county unlike our shore counties to the south, where they say you can use the beach, but just no way to get on them! So I would like to thank Mayor Turner and Mayor Zimmer and all who had a hand in making the dream of the Hudson River Walkway come true. Heartfelt thanks from my self and family and people who use the walkway. Job well done .

Kenneth Gerbehy

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