Mayor Gonnelli clears up some election confusion

Dear Editor:
There has been some confusion among town residents concerning this year’s election, and I believe your article last week about the local Democratic Party may have added to that confusion. I would like to clear up any misconceptions your readers may have.
First of all, I am supporting Take Back Secaucus candidates Gary Jeffas, Jim Clancy, and Sue Pirro 100 percent. Period. Some Democrats are telling our supporters that “we are all working together,” or that “Mike said you can put our signs on your property.” Don’t believe it. They are not telling the truth.
Furthermore, it is true that council members Jeffas, John Bueckner, and I voted for Robert Zych to fill a council void last year. But only because Zych approached us for our votes and during the council interview claimed to support many of the changes we had proposed. Obviously, he either changed his mind or really wasn’t entirely honest with us.
Regarding the 3rd Ward race, the Democrats’ candidate has been telling me for years that he wanted to run for council with Take Back Secaucus. Obviously, we thought he liked what we have done for Secaucus so far, but apparently he also changed his mind or simply grabbed the first opportunity he could to be on anyone’s council ticket.
Finally, it is true that the Democrats have been trying to get our group to join them. In fact, we were offered the Democratic Party nomination this year instead of the candidates they selected. But we are Independents. We are not interested in repairing a political party damaged by poor performance. Instead, we are fully focused on repairing the damage to our town’s reputation, rooting out and eliminating financial waste, reorganizing our Tax Collector’s Office, and implementing financial controls which had been far too loose under the Democratic administration.
The people of Secaucus have a real choice on Nov. 2. They can vote for Take Back Secaucus candidates Gary Jeffas, Jim Clancy, and Sue Pirro who will work with me to continue the job the people elected us to do. Or they can vote for our Democratic opponents who won’t take Secaucus back, but backwards.

Mayor Michael J. Gonnelli

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