Mosque not related to 9/11 killers, shared sorrow

Dear Editor:
For those who oppose and for those who support this house of Allah (God), may Allah (God) bless all of you and forgive all of your sins.
Please keep in mind, this mosque and Muslim have nothing to do with the 9/11 tragedy that killed over 3,000 innocent people, including over 35 Muslims who worked there.
This 9/11 tragedy was carried out by non-believers of any religion, and almighty Allah will never forgive these killers of the 9/11 tragedy and will punish them in hell fire.
Remember….Mosque, the house of Allah, is not only for Muslims who just come for prayers and leave; this Mosque is for non-Muslim also, who can come and learn more about Islam and gets Allah’s blessing every time they visit this Mosque.
The way the U.S. government system has run for over 200 years, this is the same system as dictated by the holy book “Quran”: Social Security, unemployment benefits, Medicare, care of senior citizens, and more.

Taj Ahmad

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