‘There is much to be done here’

To the Editor:
In response to a letter to the editor by Selina Kyle in the Sept. 15 issue. Boy, you are right on, Selina! You have the best article on feral cat TNR I have yet seen in the BCN. I applaud you!
Please be certain to watch my shows, “America, the View from the Top” Tuesdays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at 8 p.m. on Channel 19, Cablevision, every week. I have just completed five 30 minute shows to educate City Hall and the City Council members about the people who are highly qualified to talk about TNR, Drs. Ravi Murarka D.V.M. and Gordon Stull D.V.M.
Dr. Murarka, Centre Square, Pa., works with Kathy Jordan, president P.C.C.C. (Philadelphia Community Cats Council and Clinics).
Dr. Gordon Stull works with Lisa Besser, program coordinator, in the Burlington County Feral Cat Initiative, N.J. They control 77 colonies. Each colony has its own trained special coordinator and is doing extremely well in feral cat population control in southern N.J.
Terry Ruane and the entire council needs to sit down and watch the two hour show I have put together for them.
There is much to be done here. You need to watch the show, take notes, and start working with the public, not just Agnes Gillespie, who has yet to answer my call from last week. Please, Debbie Czerwienski, do call me. Terry has my telephone number. We need to start raising money, write grants, find a building to spay and neuter the many cats that need to be done by Dr. Murarka. He does 80 in a day at the Penn State College clinic setup. He’s been in the business 25 plus years. He’s the best and after interviewing him, he’s the best for Bayonne. Cheaper, too!
Please, let us all work together and help our lovely cats. They are not the problem, people. You are, with your ignorance and lack of knowledge.
Thank you, Selina. Keep up the good work. I am proud of you. I need more people like you!

“America, the View from the Top”
Cablevision, Ch. 19

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