Healthy living starts as a child

Dear Editor:
For my third grade special project last year, I needed to find a system – that I was a part of – that was broken. I picked school lunches because there weren’t always health options. I wrote a letter to my principal and superintendent to see if we could get the school lunch system fixed to have more fruits and vegetables. The head of food services made some changes and this school year, my classmates and I will have better options.
My mom told me that New Jersey has a lot of overweight kids, and I think if we all worked together to get kids to eat better and play more, we could fix that broken system, too. The American Heart Association says that being overweight can cause big trouble as you grow up, so why not stop the problem now?
How are the kids supposed to learn if they don’t get healthy meals at home OR at school?

Nicolas DeLuca (and Family)

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