Relief for New Jersey businesses

Dear Editor:
I am writing to share good news. Specifically, bill A2624 has passed both houses of the New Jersey State Legislature. This legislation reduces the unemployment insurance (UI) tax rates which will be imposed on employers during fiscal year 2010. I recognized that times are difficult as we are only beginning to recover from a national recession and that businesses need measures to support commerce.
In turn, I was pleased to vote for this legislation and I urge the Governor to immediately sign this bill into law in order to add some relief for New Jersey’s businesses. During the course of my tenure in the New Jersey General Assembly, I have remained mindful of assisting business, boosting local commerce and advancing local economics.
It is my contention that bill A2624 will have a positive effect on this the local business community. I hope this letter is helpful in keeping you informed of important information.
In closing, I encourage you to contact my office if I may be of assistance for anything for which you may need assistance of if you have a question about this legislation. I am happy to help.

Ruben J. Ramos, Jr.

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