We must re-elect Perez

Dear Editor:
I have been around this county for many years and will say loud and clear that Juan Perez is the best Sheriff this county ever experienced. He is college educated, a well respected retired State Police Captain and is honest and it is certain that integrity is his middle name.
I see the Hudson County Sheriff’s Officers patrolling in all parts of the county keeping the parks and other county areas safe. They are very well disciplined and proud to be with the office. Prior to Perez taking over as Sheriff very few people in the county even knew what the Sheriff’s Officers’ duties were.
I see that the person who has announced that he is running against Perez has no college background and it is interesting to note that he only worked eleven years in the Secaucus Police Department – why did he leave before he had all of his years in? He became undersheriff and what did he do to improve the office?
We must contact our local mayors, councilpersons and all legislators to implore them to ensure that Sheriff Juan M. Perez is on the organization ticket to run in June. Let us keep the Sheriff’s Office moving with honesty and dedication – we must re-elect Juan M. Perez as the Hudson County Sheriff for the next three years.

Charles Hannon

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